Evolution of a song. Or well, evolution of this particular song, "Unbelievable Truth" 

We were asked by our good friend Brian Wooldridge if we'd have interest in covering a song from his band, the Wooldrige Brothers, for an album of upcoming covers album by Milwaukee artists. Brian was nice enough to still consider us Milwaukee-enough to be part of the album even though we don't currently live there.  Brian played bass and toured with us, played on our albums, and we like his band, so of course we wanted to contribute!

When we lived in Milwaukee, our first home studio equipment was slow, but…Read more



Scott (guitars and co-writer of...most everything with me) had a good friend in college who would get hooked on a song and listen to it on repeat for hours, sometimes days or even weeks. Scott said that this song-rotation-obsession was dubbed "Joe-tation" when it lasted for weeks. I am guilty of Joe-tation here. When I get hooked on a song, it's usually because of a great melody, but it can be for any reason: tension, a cool sustained bass note holding on as treble notes run over and ahead of it, a…Read more

When you wake up feeling...fine 

Sometimes you wake up and realize life is very good. In celebration of saying goodbye to a nasty winter, having a home filled with sweet kids and a super amazing and talented husband, my health, and all the other good things I usually take for granted, I'm going to give away ALL the songs for free (or "pay what you want") until Sunday, May 26th.

If you've paid to download these songs previously, I'm posting all of the instrumental versions of "Tornadoes" on Soundcloud for free download too. These…Read more

Northern Songs 

I didn’t buy a pair of socks for the seven years I lived in the Austin area. Well, maybe athletic socks, but not winter socks. I wore sandals 90% percent of the time. (I love my Keens) During those seven years, I also gave away most of my sweaters. I kept a small plastic bin with some sweaters and a few skiing clothes in it, but most of it was probably really out of style by 2007. I only kept those sweaters around for something to pack with me for the few days here and there that I visited family in the…Read more

Lost Tracks  

I am putting up a few unreleased tracks this week that Scott and I recorded in 2005-2006.  We recorded these songs with Gerald Dowd, Grant Tye, Ryan Stang and Brian Wooldridge and all were mixed by Barry Goldberg. For various reasons unrelated to performance or sound, they were not included on the album (frozenstarpalace) that we were working on at the time. I wrote "Sorry" so long before we stepped into a studio to record it, that by the time it was mastered with the rest of the newer material, I didn't…Read more

Goodbye, Hello 

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new site! It's a work in progress, but isn't everything?

We've moved from Austin to KC. We really miss our Austin friends (especially this week), as well as those we made while we lived in Milwaukee, but we are looking forward to getting to know KC again.

(Austin grew so much in the 7 years we were there. Driving north on Mopac, the skyline looks different than it did when we first arrived with all the new condos in the distance. Even the river we are driving over in the…Read more