When you wake up feeling...fine

Sometimes you wake up and realize life is very good. In celebration of saying goodbye to a nasty winter, having a home filled with sweet kids and a super amazing and talented husband, my health, and all the other good things I usually take for granted, I'm going to give away ALL the songs for free (or "pay what you want") until Sunday, May 26th.

If you've paid to download these songs previously, I'm posting all of the instrumental versions of "Tornadoes" on Soundcloud for free download too. These instrumental versions of the songs are a great way to fall over backwards in awe listening to all the amazing playing that doesn't always get to sit in the spotlight when after adding in the fifteen or twenty vocal and harmony tracks I usually record.  Listening to the album and then to these instrumental-only tracks is also a cool way to hear what mixing engineer Jay O'Rourke created with hundreds of tracks on this record with and without vocals.

Album songs are provided for free on this website only, here and on the Music page.

All instrumental versions are on Soundcloud below.



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